What we do?


→ We are providing educational services to the under privileged and the distressed. Presently about 166 students from various parts of the city of Bangalore, Mysore and Odisha are benifitted.
→ We provide health care with medicine regularly by the help of eminent doctors and specialists.
→ Psychological counseling provided to the people/family/children with learning Problem by the experts from the concerned fields.
→ We run a Play Home named as ‘Gokula Montessori Play Home’ for poor and underprivileged beginners 3 to 6 years of age group with the help of trained and experienced teachers.
→ Free evening tuition and learning centre named as ‘Shanti Niketan Evening School” for educationally poor, underprivileged students is conducted.
→we run a vocational training center named as ‘Chaya’. Training in tailoring, beautician and computer courses for poor and women in distress are provided..
Day Care facilities for children in distress and children with special needs like mentally and physically challenged and autistic spectrum disorders are in formation. Day cares in therapeutic (treatment) and rehabilitation programmes are conducted with parental training.
Counseling of parents and families for the management of children, old people and terminal cases are given by experienced and well qualified Clinical Psychologists and Social workers
→ Entertainment, games and mid day meal (daily) for kids and students are provided.


• Specialists in different medical fields.
• Foreign trained and highly qualified experienced Clinical (medical) Psychologists.
• Psychiatric Social Workers.
• Educationists (teachers).
• Prominent people with legal background.

Some of the eminent professional are involved are the following:
1. Dr. P.N. Govindarajulu, Pediatrician, Bangalore.
2. Dr. Parveez Pasha, General Physician, Bangalore Institute of Oncology.
3. Dr. Shabaz, Dentist, Ramakrishna Hospital, Jayanagar .
4. Dr. (Mrs) Shantha Mishra, Clinical psychologist, Shanthi Psycho-Therapeutic Clinic and Diagnostic center for mental health care, Jayanagar, Bangalore.